Claims Apprentice 2019: Episode 2 – the debate

The second episode of the new six-part video series, Claims Apprentice, in association with Insurance Post, first aired last Thursday and is available to view below.

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In this episode the two teams will put their debating skills to the test with one asked to defend a motion and the other to oppose it. With fifteen minutes to put across their respective views, the two teams, whose names were decided in episode one, will hope to persuade the live audience of Kennedys employees and invited guests to support their standpoint, moderated by our Head of Corporate and Public Affairs, Deborah Newberry.

Both sides were able to present really quite a persuasive argument...and I think all of them within their own right began to get into their stride as they went along. I think there are a couple that are standing it'll be really interesting to see how it unfolds as to who continues to shine.

Deborah Newberry, Head of Corporate and Public Affairs

Alongside Kennedys’ Senior Partner, Nick Thomas, who the six candidates will be aiming to impress, is a trusted team of advisers who will aide him in ultimately reaching a decision on an eventual winner. In addition to Deborah, they are Partners Suzanne Liversidge and Richard West, HR Director Caroline Wilson, Head of Research and Development Karim Derrick and, from Lloyd’s, Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager Marc Reace-Coles.

Each episode will showcase the ‘apprentices’ completing tasks related to the challenges the claims market currently faces, and is designed to help them in their future careers. In their second challenge, to be aired next week, the two teams will be asked to devise a day-long program that encourages diversity and inclusion in the UK insurance sector, which will then be pitched to both Suzanne and Marc, in our London office.

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Claims Apprentice 2019: Episode 2 - the debate