Apprenticeships: A Surprise For The Old School

Kennedys recently caught up with MyKindaFuture about our Paralegal and Solicitor Apprenticeship programmes. Listen below via a new podcast called ReimagineLaw.

The podcast, produced by a-Maze Consulting and MyKindaFuture, features two of our apprentices, Muhammad Merali, a first year paralegal apprentice and  Maya Taylor, a solicitor apprentice, who both share their apprenticeship experience. They discuss why they chose the apprenticeship route at Kennedys, the areas of law they work in, how they balance work and study life and why a legal apprenticeship is an exciting and rewarding route to qualification as a solicitor.

MyKindaFuture work with employers to attract, place and retain overlooked and diverse talent.  The podcast series aims to help students navigate their legal career path choices in relation to apprenticeships and the upcoming Solicitors Qualifying exam (SQE).

Take a leap of faith with an apprenticeship, you won’t regret it.

Muhammad Merali, Legal Apprentice

Muhammad Merali-square.jpg

For school leavers, we offer a two year paralegal apprenticeship that results in students obtaining a Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education in Legal Services. Once the two year paralegal apprenticeship has been completed, apprentices may have the opportunity to join the Level 7 solicitor apprenticeship. This takes four years to complete and involves the completion of a (Hons) degree in legal practice and will lead to qualifying as a solicitor.

I have my own case load and work on my own files as well as liaising with clients directly. Which I was never expecting to do within the first two years of my apprenticeship.

Maya Taylor, Solicitor Apprentice

Maya Taylor-square.jpg

For graduates, we also offer two year Training Contracts and from September 2021, we will be introducing a new SQE Training Programme that allows you to start working and earning at Kennedys immediately after university, before sitting the SQE1 and SQE2 exams to qualify. 

More information on our training programmes can be found on our Early Careers page.

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Listen to the podcast with Muhammad and Maya here.