And that’s a wrap: Dive In Festival 2021

The Dive In Festival has wrapped up for another year, and Kennedys’ presence and participation was stronger than ever and right across our global network.

The focus of this year’s festival was on active allyship, and the message from event speakers and participants was clear and impactful: It’s time for those in positions of privilege to listen, educate themselves, and understand the experience of people from underrepresented groups, so we can bring about real change through action. Intention is not enough to move the dial.

Kennedys is very proud to have once again been a global partner of the festival, supporting and participating in this hugely important, and successful, initiative.

We were also proud to see the Kennedys logo alongside those of many of our clients – companies that were also global partners of the festival, and advocates of positive change - at so many events.

Kennedys was involved in 32 events, in various capacities, including organising, hosting, chairing and speaking, across all our global regions including Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America, North America and the United Kingdom. Ten Kennedys people participated (either chairing or speaking) in eight events around the world. Bravo to Paulo Almeida (Portugal), Daniel Clarke (Singapore and Denmark), Alfonso De Ramos (Spain), Joanie Ko (Hong Kong), James Melvin (Australia), Irene Moreno Garrido (Spain), Pia Parmar (Chile), Medea Plesner Petersen (Denmark), Anita Quy (Singapore) and Wilson Tam (Hong Kong) for stepping up, giving a voice to such an important message, and for representing Kennedys as well as they did.

Many other Kennedys people supported the festival through participation in Dive In’s #ActiveAllyship campaign, producing videos and photos around their experiences of active allyship, which Dive In used in their promotion of the festival and we also used in our own supporting campaign.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2021 festival again such an emphatic success. See you at Dive In 2022!