Culture and values

The driving goal across our values is to make a difference.

At Kennedys we’re here to make a difference for our clients, and each other, every day. We empower our people to deliver the very best work and reach their full potential. We do this by putting our values centre stage. They define the way we behave and interact with one another, and they run through every strand of our firm.

Our values are at the core of our distinctive culture. They are at the very heart of what makes us a great firm to be part of.

I take great pride in being approachable and positive and it’s no different in my role as a Kennedys partner. It’s quite simple: whatever I’m doing and wherever I’m doing it, I always try and make time for people. That is core to our culture at Kennedys.

Suzanne Liversidge, Managing Partner


For me, being straightforward means understanding colleagues and clients’ needs and responding quickly to them in a meaningful and respectful way that is helpful, honest and easy to understand.

Eric Scheiner, Partner, Chicago

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Being supportive speaks to our innate human trait of respecting and helping each other. It’s about encouraging people to work together collaboratively, embracing diversity, and having generosity of spirit to celebrate our co-workers and clients’ successes.

Anita Quy, Partner, Singapore

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For me, the best way to be distinctive is to be yourself. It is important that we recognise the firm is the sum of many great parts. As a firm, we manage to stand out from the crowd. Our brand is strikingly different to our industry peers and our personality, largely driven by our values, distinguishes us from competitors.

Alex Guillamont, Partner, Miami

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Our clients pride us on our values

This was evident in the latest independent surveys of claims staff by Gracechurch Consulting (2017) in both the UK and Asia Pacific. These surveys explored attitudes towards performance amongst specialist law firms and, unsurprisingly, the comments received about our lawyers, in both regions, reinforced our culture and values:

  • “Very approachable and very commercially minded, providing value for money”
  • “Encompasses the Kennedys philosophy of doing things, whilst maintaining high standards of legal advice”
  • “Very accessible and easy to relate to”
  • “Outstanding level of quality”
  • “Straightforward in giving advice and follows up what is said with action”

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