26/01/2023 15:00

2023 European product safety legal and regulatory outlook: what to expect and how to prepare

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We are delighted to be hosting a webinar on the latest European legal and regulatory developments across the product safety sphere in the context of the digital age, and what is expected to be on legislators’ agendas for 2023.

With the benefit of their cross-disciplinary products law and cybersecurity expertise, and practical insights from our network of EU products practitioners, Kennedys’ global product safety and liability partner, Sarah-Jane Dobson and associate, Yaseen Altaf, will provide a high level overview of the proposed reform of existing regimes as well as the introduction of new laws and regulations, including:

  • The proposed EU General Product Safety Regulation, which seeks to modernise the existing mainstay product safety regime provided for by the 20 year old General Product Safety Directive.
  • Developments in cybersecurity regulation including the Cyber Resilience Act and NIS2.
  • Laws governing digital services including the Omnibus Directive, the Market Surveillance Regulation, the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act.

The webinar will discuss the significance of these developments for businesses and their insurers, including the potential divergence of the position in the UK.

The webinar is relevant to stakeholders across all sectors, including manufacturers, suppliers, importers and exporters, in-house counsel, insurers, claims managers, underwriters, academics and industry disrupters.

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