Bringing opportunity and inspiring the young people of Spain, to achieve successful careers within the insurance sector

Alicia Fole, Senior Associate at Kennedys and Community Lead of Association of Young Professionals in Insurance (AJPS) has pioneered a new program called the Insurance Social Leadership Program.  The program is impact oriented, and dedicated to the fight against youth unemployment (currently at 40% in Spain); Alicia and other volunteers from AJPS, Emmanuel Djengue and Laura Camps, will work with young people to provide advice and guidance about career pathways within the insurance sector.

The program will take place from 08 to 19 November with the first week focusing on presentations delivered by industry experts, managers and CEOs from across the insurance sector.  Topics covered will be how the sector works, companies and their structures, products and services and new innovations within the industry. Practical tips and advice will be provided around how to seek specific roles and carry out job searches.  Finally, participants will be offered coaching to build their confidence and enable the development of leadership skills. 

The youth unemployment figures  in Spain are heart-breaking and the AJPS, with an extraordinary commitment to D&I, knew that we had to make an impact by helping other young people. This programme aims to invest in the youth’s skills and talent and to give them tools to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Alice Fole, Senior Associate

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During week two, participants will be assigned an AJPS mentor.  Live workshops will provide mentees an opportunity to work closely with their assigned mentor who will provide hands-on support with their job search, seeking leads and offering general advice, support and encouragement.  At the end of the program, participants will have an opportunity to take part in an interview role play exercise.

Our commitment to the SDGs

Creating learning and development opportunities can significantly impact a person’s chance of financial independence, along with providing equal opportunities and a voice to those who need it the most in our society.   This program aligns with our priority SDGs.