Dive In Festival 2023

Dive In Festival 2023 - Debunking the Radioactivity of Diversity: Fostering Growth Through Intersectionality Lens (US)

Through storytelling and shared personal experience, the panelists will discuss the elements of Intersectionality1 as it relates to DEI across organizations. An industry committed to creating inclusive work environments, where everyone is heard and respected, will prioritize INTERSECTIONALITY awareness within DEI strategies. Building a diverse workforce which leverages thinking and efforts will be the key to sustaining our competitive advantage. Diverse teams make better decisions, are more creative and are better at solving complex problems. The marketplace and clients place a high value on an organization’s commitment to true inclusion and diversity. We know all of this, yet what gets in the way of inclusiveness?

The panelists will review how advances in neuroscience teach us that our brains and biology are working against inclusiveness. With this understanding and knowledge, we can debunk the radioactivity of the topic of diversity and reorient ourselves into more inclusive postures. In a modern world and global economy, while collaborating across time zones and cultures we can take individual responsibility for our behavior and in turn, impact the collective.

Dive In Festival 2023

In its ninth year, the Dive In Festival continues on its mission to enable people to achieve their potential by raising awareness of the business case and promoting positive action for diversity in all its forms.

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