Withdrawal of the UK’s National Measurement Office from the market

On 7 September 2021, the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) announced that the National Measurement Office (NMO) would cease to be a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) in 2022. Historically, the NMO, which is part of OPSS, has provided product certification, quality management system certification, testing, calibration and training services in relation to metrology.

Through its laboratories in Teddington, the OPSS will continue to support local governments and uphold its statutory duties including those in Section 12 of the Weights and Measures Act 1985, the statute that determines the regulation of weights and measures including units, standards of measurement, weight and measuring for trade, regulation of transactions in goods and measuring equipment.

As the CAB market is now able to offer adequate alternative provisions to ensure that current NMO clients - which are seeking to have new products certified or maintain certification of existing products - have access to all necessary services, the OPSS has announced that the NMO will withdraw from the market on 30 April 2022.

Manufacturers should carefully consider whether they will be affected by this fast-approaching deadline and take appropriate action in relation to any relevant certificates in order to ensure compliance.

In order to ensure a smooth transition, the OPSS has issued guidance in conjunction with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for the certificates outlined below.


Immediate action required?


Module D, D1, E, E1, H Certificates


To remain valid, current NMO certificates must be transferred to another CAB before 30 April 2022 or before expiry (whichever is sooner).

Failure to transfer a current certificate before 30 April 2022 will result in the OPSS de-registering the certificate and allowing for the risk of enforcement action for non-compliance.

ISO9001 Certificates


ISO 9001 certificates are issued on the basis of a defined three year cycle, in line with ISO/IEC 17021-1 clause The certificate remains valid until the next activity in the cycle is due, for example, if a surveillance visit does not take place the certificate is no longer valid from that point, a new CAB will need to take on the case.

Section 11A Certificates


Section 11A certificates are issued for five years on the condition that they are reviewed annually during that time.

Any section 11A certificate will remain valid until annual review (if this is after the NMO has left the market, a new CAB will need to take on the case).

Module H1 Certificates


Design examination certificates and quality management system certificates must be issued by the same CAB and therefore, must be transferred to another provider.

Module B Certificates

No - the OPSS will contact relevant parties

These certificates will remain valid until they expire and/or require amendments to them. On renewal/amendment, an alternative provider should be sought out.

CE to UKCA conversions of Module B Certificates

No - the OPSS will contact relevant parties

OPSS will contact relevant parties to discuss completion of these conversions.

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