Our recipe for cooking a flipping good fraud case this pancake day!

We’re often asked what makes a good fraud case. Sadly, there is no magical formula and what makes one fraud case could break another. There are however some key ingredients which when mixed and cooked the right way should have you on your way.

  1. Crack some eggs: fraud cases need investigating. This includes validating and corroborating key evidence to avoid the risk of inconsistencies being explained away.
  2. Sieve your flour: it’s important to focus your investigations. Following every potential lead can be costly and often with little to no benefit.
  3. Add milk: bring the evidence together and objectively assess it. Be critical.
  4. Give it a whisk: repudiate the claim as early as possible. Repeat the repudiation as necessary.
  5. Let it rest: fraud investigations take time. Timing repudiations and raising allegations of fraud has to be done right.
  6. Flip it! When you have the evidence, show your hand. Delays may leave you unable to rely on key evidence and with (sorry) pancake on your face.

Happy pancake day!

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