Pro bono pathways

Amplify Goods is committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic.

They work with supply chains to provide eco-friendly essentials to companies that care about the planet.

How do they reduce the use of plastic?

  • Eliminate: Elimination of problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging through redesign, innovation and new delivery models
  • Reuse: Reuse models are applied, reducing the need for single-use packaging
  • Polymers: All plastic packaging produced is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable
  • Decouple: The use of plastic is fully decoupled from the consumption of finite resources
  • Hazard free: All eco-friendly plastic packaging we produce is free of plastic chemicals and the health and safety of all people involved are respected​​​​​​​

Pasha Michaelsen, co-founder at Amplify said: "As a small start-up with intersectional womxn at the core of our work, we’re incredibly grateful to have the expertise of an all-female Kennedys’ team in creating a solid foundation from which to achieve our urgent and vital climate mission, in partnership with businesses that care who buy our products."

Sarah-Jane Dobson, Partner at Kennedys added: "Taking on the role of pro bono partner champion at Kennedys is important to me because I believe undertaking pro bono legal work provides lawyers, new and well-established, the best of both worlds – the opportunity to further a cause they care about alongside people they care about, and an opportunity to work on some of the most cutting edge legal work available."

As part of National Pro Bono Week 2022, we interviewed Sarah-Jane Dobson, Pro bono partner to find out more about the project:

Can you tell us more about Amplify Goods and how you became involved with the project?

​​​​​​​Amplify Goods exists to tackle climate change and provide eco-friendly essentials to companies that care.  This social enterprise is led, owned and funded by diverse women.

One of the co-founders and I had previously collaborated on a pro bono project together at another social enterprise; we struck up a friendship and she reached out for support with her new venture, Amplify Goods.

What is the problem they are trying to solve?

​​​​​​​Eliminate the use of single-use plastics and use environmentally friendly production techniques to reduce dependency on the supply and general production methods that ignore environmental impacts - throughout the supply chain; from sourcing all the way to consumer-use.

Can you briefly tell us about your passion for pro bono?

I began working in a barrister's chambers when I was 17 years old. Although my mentor was extremely busy, he never failed to impress upon me the importance of pro bono work and how it is an important aspect of being a lawyer. I still see him working on high-profile cases now.  I believe that lawyers have an opportunity to use their skills for the public good.  I would argue that you cannot completely fulfil your potential as a lawyer unless you are giving back. 

What has been the results of the collaboration with Amplify Goods?

We approved the introduction of their products; supporting activities include assessing product packaging, product claims, website, and user-facing materials. 

What's next?

Continue to support them as they grow launch more products and expand into different markets.