Meet Dries Deschuttere, Senior Associate, Brussels

We asked Dries Deschuttere to give some insight into his role as a Senior Associate in our Belgium office and to give an idea of what it’s like working for a global law firm.

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What type of cases do you work on?

I am lucky to be working on all kinds of matters that the Brussels office has to offer. We have great expertise in aviation and transportation related matters. In addition, we have a strong and growing insurance practice, and a considerable number litigations. I am also the lead on drone related matters in the EU.

What is interesting about working for a global law firm?

The Kennedys slogan, Global Reach, Local Expertise sums it up. Instructions come in from both clients and Kennedys offices around the world, which is incredibly exciting. Furthermore, this connectivity works both ways. Whenever I am faced with an element in a matter that links to a foreign jurisdiction, I can just call a colleague over there. In addition, Kennedys offers the possibility to go and meet clients and colleagues abroad, which is just the cherry on top of the la(w)yered cake.

What challenges do you face in your job?

The main challenge is also where I find the greatest reward: handling a matter from the beginning, until the very end, digging for information and untangling all elements to then rebuild a solid case that provides solutions for the client. This is especially the case in litigation matters. I am always excited to go to court and actually plead a matter for which I spent hours studying, reviewing and developing arguments, to then present and defend those arguments in court. The rush of adrenaline you get after a vivid court pleading ranks pretty high on the list of things I like in life.

That, and managing my caffeine consumption.

In three words how would you describe working at Kennedys?

Better than Suits.

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