Meet Tony Bucci, Finance Manager, Basking Ridge

We asked Tony Bucci to give some insight into his role as a Finance manager in our Basking Ridge office.

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Why did you decide to join Kennedys?

The role presented a challenge I was comfortable with from prior experience. In addition, I really enjoyed the informative and collaborative conversations I had during the interview process.  The team embraced the company values, and I felt very welcome.

What do you enjoy most about working for a global law firm?

I really admire the unified structure and support of the systems, especially 3e. Additionally, I enjoy collaborating with colleagues around the globe. Always something to learn.

How does Kennedys support you in your career?

The firm has a library of training aides and resources across the organization who are easily approachable and helpful.

What advice would you give someone interested in starting a career in legal?

Get your education and seek a wide array of experiences to find what you really enjoy.  There are so many opportunities to be had to find the niche you will want to eventually build your career around. Finally, don’t be shy, ask questions, build relationships, and continue to learn.

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