Meet Jonathan Himmelstein, Recruitment Coordinator, Basking Ridge

We asked Jonathan Himmelstein to give some insight into his role as a Recruitment Coordinator in our Basking Ridge office.

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Why did you decide to join Kennedys?

The deciding factor for me was simply the growth trajectory. I did my research and saw how far Kennedys had come in the US in such a short time. It felt like an exciting opportunity to get in relatively early and really play a role in building something special.

What do you enjoy most about working for a global law firm?

The daily interactions with people all across the country and across the globe. It’s an opportunity to glimpse different cultures, different perspectives and different ways of life.

How does Kennedys support you in your career?

I’ve never once felt any question was out of bounds or any door was closed. As a relatively new joiner, coming from outside of a law firm environment, the learning curve was steep. I’ve had the opportunity to engage with people in all different roles and at all different seniority levels- and the common theme was a willingness to listen and help.

What advice would you give someone interested in starting a career in legal?

Always remain open-minded. There are so many varying avenues within the “legal” umbrella, many of which are found unexpectedly. Don’t be discouraged if one path does not lead where expected, remain open to new pursuits and make sure to enjoy the successes along the way.

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