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We take the protection of your privacy seriously. Kennedys is bound by the EC Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive 2002/58/EC (the “ePrivacy Directive”) and the national laws which enact the ePrivacy Directive into law in the EU member states (such as the UK Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation). Kennedys’ offices outside the European Union are subject to their local privacy and data protection laws.

This cookies notice sets out information about Kennedys’ practices in relation to cookies. We may amend this notice at any time and for any reason, however the updated version will be available by following the link from section 11 of our Privacy notice, which is on our website footer at You should check the cookies notice regularly for changes.

Kennedys is an international legal practice carried on by Kennedys Law LLP and its affiliated firms. References to “Kennedys”, “we” or “us” in this cookies notice mean Kennedys Law LLP and other firms authorised to use the Kennedys name. A full list of these entities is available in our Legal notices.

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Cookies are small, harmless text files placed on a computer’s hard drive. The information the cookie contains is set by the website the user is visiting, and can be used by that website whenever the user returns to the site. We use cookies to allow us to make your interaction with our website faster and easier and to help us to understand how you use our site. We use cookies to collect anonymous data on unknown website visitors. 

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What do we use cookies for?

Cookie agreement

  • Name: CookieAgreementKennedy
  • Purpose: Used to determine if a user has accepted the cookie agreement, and to set default preferences for regions.

Google Analytics

  • Names: _ga
  • Purpose: We use cookies to collect information about how people are using our site, to help us understand how we can improve it. This cookie is associated with Google Universal Analytics cookie and is used to distinguish unique users by assigning them a randomly generated number as an identifier. Google Analytics collects information in an anonymous form. This cookie is included in each page request in a site and is used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the site’s analytics reports. 
  • Associated cookies: _gid, _gat_UA-114117191-1
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Localisation (location and language)

  • Name: loc
  • Purpose: To allow localisation features, this cookie stores visitor geolocation and language.

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More information about Kennedys’ data protection practices and your rights

For further details about Kennedys’ data protection practices and your rights, refer to our main privacy notice.