Stephanie Cowie - Day in the life

Trainee Solicitor, Edinburgh

Stephanie is a Trainee Solicitor in our Edinburgh office, currently working within our Scotland liability team.

I really enjoy having these opportunities as a trainee and it is interesting to see how the courts operate virtually.

Stephanie Cowie, Trainee Solicitor

  • Morning

    I wake up around 7:30am and start my day. I don’t need to travel to the office, so I have a lot of extra time in the morning! I try to get out a run then head home and for some breakfast and a coffee before logging in.

  • 9:00

    The first thing I do is check my emails and calendar to review my tasks for the day. I have written a to-do list the night before so I can easily see any deadlines that I need to prioritise.

  • 10:00

    Today I have a virtual court hearing to dial in to for a high-profile case in the Commercial Court. I listen to this and take a detailed attendance note for my colleagues. I really enjoy having these opportunities as a trainee and it is interesting to see how the courts operate virtually.

  • 12:00

    I spend some time preparing bundles of papers for the court and our counsel. It is a big case with a lot of documents so I like to try and get these organised before lunch.

  • Lunch

    I get outside every lunchtime for some fresh air. If I can, it’s good to grab a coffee and catch up with a friend for a walk round the park.

  • 15:00

    I touch base with my team after lunch to check that no urgent work has come in through the day. I then spend some time sending out drafts to clients and expert witnesses which have been approved by my supervisors.

  • 16:00

    I have been asked to do some research into expert witnesses that my supervisor can instruct in a matter. I spend time looking for suitable experts and send some emails to check their availability and willingness to assist us. If I have any free time after this it is good to catch up with Kennedys’ training modules to keep up to date with my Junior Lawyer Programme.

  • 17:30

    I make sure that my time recording is up to date and there is nothing urgent left to do for the day. I check my calendar for tomorrow and write a fresh to-do list before logging off.

  • Evening

    In the evenings I like to wind down by making dinner and catching up with my flat mate. We speak to our other friends from university to see how everyone else is getting on in their new roles whilst working from home.

Day in the life