India Tisbury - Day in the life

Solicitor Apprentice, Taunton

India is a Solicitor Apprentice in our Taunton office, currently working within our Claims Handling team.

I will then check in with my supervisor at this point to discuss any queries, workload, and tasks for the afternoon.

India Tisbury, Solicitor Apprentice

India Tisbury-Square
  • Morning

    My alarm goes off at 7am and after having my breakfast, walking the dogs, and making myself presentable, I am out the door by 8am to start my commute to the office. Sometimes I listen to podcasts on my journey, but mostly I put on some feel good music to set a positive mood for the day.

  • 9:00

    I arrive at the office and collect my morning beverage from the coffee machine. I usually find a crowd of colleagues here at this time and we all have a brief catch-up. I like to arrive a little early to check my emails and browse the news, as it sets a good pace for the day if I’m not starting the day in a hectic rush.

  • 11:00

    Time for a quick re-fuel with coffee. I’ve had a busy morning filled with new insurance claims to review and policies to analyse. I’ve drafted a few emails and made notes on all the new terminology I’ve learned, ready to review with my supervisor later. I then set out to plan my report to Insurers. I find this challenging as this is not something I am experienced with yet, so it takes me a little while.

  • Lunch

    I have lunch at 1pm. It feels good to get outside and get some fresh air. Sometimes I’ll get some lunch with colleagues, but today is one where I listen to a couple of interesting TED Talks.

  • 15:00

    I spend the first hour after lunch sending drafts approved by my supervisor and crossing off tasks from the morning. I will then check in with my supervisor at this point to discuss any queries, workload, and tasks for the afternoon. I am lucky to sit near my supervisor who is always happy to help.

  • 16:30

    After a training session on contributory negligence, I head to the beloved coffee machine for my afternoon hot chocolate. I summarise my notes from the training session, and make notes on points of further interest. Usually, this is when I complete less challenging tasks such as compiling claims summaries. I prepare my to-do list for tomorrow so that I don’t have to worry about that in the morning, and at 5:30pm I am off.

  • Evening

    My evenings aren’t always spent in a productive manner but I think time to wind down is important. Sometimes I’ll take my dogs for a walk (living near the South West Coast Path has its advantages), but tonight I spend some time with my family and spend more hours than I am proud of watching an array of videos on YouTube. I then like to wind down with a bit of reading to clear my mind, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Day in the life