Hish Anis - Day in the life

Development and Operations Manager, Chelmsford

Hish is a Development and Operations Manager in our Kennedys IQ team and joined us in 2014. Hish works closely with the Project Management and IT team to ensure the firm has the best tools available to enable the provision of high-quality service to clients.

...working closely within a friendly, highly productive atmosphere.

Hish Anis, Development and Operations Manager

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  • Morning

    I am usually up early, to get ready for work and login remotely to finish up remaining work from the previous day and catch up on early morning emails.

  • 9:00

    I get into work (mainly one of two offices - Chelmsford or London), although sometimes I have to travel to other destinations (such as Sheffield, Manchester and the occasional trip to Miami or Kerala).  I catch up with colleagues and my team and plan the day ahead.

  • 9:30

    My day continues with a number of internal meetings around project management and teams.  I also have a couple of external meetings to attend with suppliers or clients, where I demonstrate some of the toolsets that have been developed by my team.

  • 11:30

    I attend a development team meeting with 10-15 people in attendance in person or dialling in from other offices around the world.  We conduct a round-table discussion and give everyone 5-10 minutes to update the group with their activities, however we primarily focus on one interesting piece of work from the team and enjoy a short demonstration of the detail.

  • 13:30

    We use agile methodology (a particular approach to project management) to develop our software, which typically involves 1-2 ‘sprint’ meetings.  These are short and snappy meetings where the relevant teams give a brief update. As well as keeping an eye on progress the main purpose for me is to ensure any blockers are removed so the team can continue to deliver the project.

  • 15:00

    Catching up with various people around the firm is key within my role.  This may take shape over Skype, telephone, face to face or email – although my preferred choice is always face to face.  The software developers communicate using ‘Slack’ – an instant messenger and team collaboration service – on which key contenders get invited to nominated and topical channels to work and collaborate.

  • 16:00

    My role by nature has some operational duties as 4th line support.  Providing enterprise software to the business it’s our duty to ensure the systems work around the clock as much as possible. This activity takes shape by setting up the right monitoring, tracking and reporting, and whereby critical alerts raise the relevant resource to deal with an arising issue.

  • Evening

    As I leave work my routine continues as I try to drop into the gym, a 5 minutes’ walk from the office, a few times a week.

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