Dharampal Singh - Day in the life

Trainee Solicitor, Manchester

Dharampal is a Trainee Solicitor and joined Kennedys in 2019. Dharampal is now in his third seat and is currently working with the Commercial division assisting the Employment team. He has also worked within the Real Estate team and the Liability division in his previous seats.

My supervisor asks me to draft a merits report for a major client […] This is a lengthy task and a very efficient way of learning the law and applying it.

Dharampal Singh, Trainee Solicitor

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  • Morning

    I like to start my day early so that I can walk my dog and engage her in different training activities in the park. I then head back home and log in at 08:30. I check my e-mails and calendar and then review my tasks.  My ‘to do list’ helps me to stay organised and prioritise different Employment cases and tasks to meet deadlines. I then head to the kitchen for breakfast.

  • 09:00

    I review an existing case that my supervisor has been dealing with to get up to speed with the different claims we are defending such as discrimination and unfair dismissal. I then make a start on drafting instructions to counsel to be sent in advance of our conference call.

  • 10:00

    I am given instructions on a new matter that has come in. My supervisor asks me to draft a merits report for a major client. This entails looking at all the documents provided such as the claim form, response form, and client’s reason for termination of employment to establish if we have good prospects of defending the claim or the strategy to pursue moving forward. This is a lengthy task and a very efficient way of learning the law and applying it.  I take a tea break during this task as it allows me to process my thoughts.

  • 12:00

    The head of department has asked me to assist her with a new instruction from a long standing client. The client’s employment is due to be terminated by way of a settlement agreement. I am tasked with reviewing the agreement to identify any areas of concern as the agreement would aim to limit the client’s rights as much as possible. I research the implications of different clauses, suggest what needs to be changed and make a list of questions that we need to ask the client for further information.

  • Lunch

    I head to the kitchen to grab a quick lunch, as there is a lunchtime webinar on the new products that Kennedys is implementing and how they apply artificial intelligence and cloud computing to legal problems to help lawyers and legal teams improve legal outcomes.

    Kennedys constantly assesses technology solutions that deliver fast, efficient and intuitive user experiences to help the firm better serve its clients.

  • 14:00

    I consult my list and a task due today is to provide a recruitment business  with Diversity & Inclusion practices  that they should implement and be aware of. I make a start on my research and come across relevant case law. I then produce my advice note and send this to the Partner for approval.

  • 15:30

    In preparation for world mental health day I have been asked to prepare an article commenting on employer’s obligations, the growing recognition of the importance of well-being in the workplace and the impact that Covid 19 is having on those working from home.

    This is particularly enjoyable as it raises awareness of the support available to individuals in the current climate.

  • Evening

    I review feedback sent to me regarding my merits report so I know what needs to be changed tomorrow.

    I log out and have a catch up call with friends before taking my dog to the park again.

Day in the life