Abbie Pople - Day in the life

HR Assistant, Chelmsford

Abbie works in our HR team and is based in our Chelmsford office. Abbie joined Kennedys in 2018 and is a HR Assistant in the recruitment team, focussing on recruitment of trainees and apprentices.

I update my manager with my progress as well as sharing any ideas within the team.

Abbie Pople - HR Assistant

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  • Morning

    I normally wake up early to ensure I have enough time to make myself a good breakfast, quickly do some housework and then walk to work which takes around 20 minutes.  I arrive at my desk and grab a coffee before I start work.

  • 9:00

    I review my inbox and respond to any global emails first, due to the time difference.  We have HR team members in Australia, Singapore and the US and work very closely with them.

  • 11:00

    Applications for our Training Contract and new SQE Training Programme go live the start of the month so I spend the morning preparing our advertising profile content.  This includes updating information about the programmes and drafting targeted advert emails to be sent to both law and non-law students.  We have a team meeting before lunch to catch up on the projects we are currently working on, I update my manager with my progress as well as sharing any ideas within the team.

  • 13:00

    I always like to bring in lunch from home, and batch cook at the weekend to stop me going to buy other bits on my lunch break.  My colleague and I often have lunch together, then go for a half-hour walk around the local park, stopping for coffee on the way back.

  • 15:00

    We are currently reviewing Legal Apprentice video interviews in preparation for our assessment centre in a couple of weeks. I spend the afternoon screening video interviews and scoring the candidates.  We have over 350 videos to screen!

  • 16:30

    I spend the rest of the day working on our global route to qualification document. We work very closely with our global offices and are producing a guide on how it is possible to qualify as a Lawyer in our global offices. Before I leave for the day, I add a quick post on our Facebook page about our applications opening soon!

  • Evening

    I leave work and head home to get ready for my boot camp session.

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